Monday, September 30, 2019

Finally Out on the Water

In our house, family rules. That means fly fishing gets put on the back burner. Well after snowstorms,  and obligations are behind us, a quick afternoon of fly fishing below the Glennifer Dam was in order. It felt great to get out!

I caught a walleye on the first cast. Now that made me smile! I was fly fishing with a double ice minnow rig. The second fly was attached with a tag of line about 2 feet above the point fly. Take a look at the second picture to see what it looks like.

Three walleye, a big whitefish and a sucker came to hand. I missed a few others. No matter, I was out on the water.

An osprey was hounding the local eagle unmercifully. A large flock of cranes made quite the ruckus as they cruised past on their way to warmer climates. Fall was in full swing in Central Alberta

I wore a winter coat. I was comfortable except for my fingers. They were definitely cold after they got wet unpinning walleye and then the 2 C wind blew over them.

Warmer air is in the forecast. The daylight hours are getting shorter. Try to time your adventures to enjoy the warmer afternoon air!

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