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Monday, November 15, 2021

Would YOU Pay to Play?

I never thought that I would go to a private location to fly fish, paying a rod fee. Many of my American and Canadian friends regularly head to private ponds, ranches, lakes and spring creeks to fly fish. Here in Alberta, there are several places you can fly fish after paying a rod fee. Personally, it was something I was not that interested in but after trying it, I would definitely do it again.

What I discovered was a day with my friends in a private intimate place turned out to be an amazing experience. There was a lot of laughing, relaxing, catching and just plain having a great time. It was a quality experience and I could tell by the smiles and laughter that everyone was having a blast!

My friend Leon and several of his friends head to private locations for three or four days at a time. After looking at the photos and hearing the stories, one can tell the gang was having a blast. I even spent a day with a group at a private fly fishing location just to be there and take photos. I did not even fly fish!

Days at fishing spots with a group of friends, willing fish and quiet surrounds are to be treasured. Battling a massive rainbow or catching a large brook trout is an opportunity many the avid fly fisher hopes to have. By looking at the quality of the fish caught, the smiles on the faces of the individuals and the peace of having space to fish, you can tell the opportunities are fantastic. Would you pay to play?


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