Sunday, November 21, 2021

First Fly Tying Session on Zoom is December 6th-Tying Leeches

 Hi Everybody!

Our first fly tying session will be Monday December 6th at 7 pm on Zoom! I will send everyone a link so you can tune in and tie along with me.

I will be tying  basic streamers, balanced leeches and balanced ruby-eyed leeches.

You will need the following:

Hook: 3xl streamer hook (e.g. Mustad 9671 or 9672) or balanced fly set up (jig hook size 10, pin and 1/8th tungsten bead )

Thread: Black thread 6/0

Tail: Black, Brown or Olive Marabou

Body: You favourite streamer coloured semi seal or Ice Dub

Bead: 1/8 inch brass bead or tungsten AND a 5/32 cone head brass or tungsten

You will need a dubbing twister for the session too!

See you soon!


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