Wednesday, January 5, 2022

Popsicle Leeches and Marabou Mickey Finns on Zoom on January 10th at 7 pm MST

Hi Everybody!

On Monday January 10th at 7 pm MST, we will be doing a Zoom fly tying session on Popsicle Leeches and Marabou Mickey Finns.

You will need the following items to tie along:

1. Streamer Hook: e.g Mustad 9672 size 4-6
2. Black 6/0 thread or 140 denier
3. silver tinsel (can be silver flashabou, etc)
4. Silver wire, medium or silver oval tinsel
5. Marabou, two or three contrasting colours-(traditional colours for a Mickey Finn are yellow and red)
6. Small piece of crystal chenille or fritz (colour not that important)
7. Some contrasting flashabou (pearl is sufficient)-optional

I ran down almost all of the materials I did not have at Sportsman's Den. I am sure West River Fly Shop and Wolverine Sports will be able to help too!

Popsicle leeches are an easy streamer to tie and they have incredible movement in the water. Mickey Finns constructed with marabou instead of bucktail also are quite straight forward to tie and have great movement in the water. 


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