Tuesday, November 15, 2022

A Beautiful Afternoon of Walleye Fly Fishing on the Red Deer River

Finally the mercury was going to crawl above freezing but at a price. Wind, gusty wind! After getting out for a 90 minute nordic ski, I quickly changed and headed to the Red Deer River below the Dickson Dam. The wind was gusting and I hoped that the wind would not greatly affect the fly fishing below the dam. I was lucky enough that the high hills kept the wind way down. I tied on both a candy corm and a silver minnow pattern. It did not take long to connect with a walleye! The action was excellent for the three hours I fly fished. The sun reflecting off of the Red Deer River kept me comfortable. I was wearing a lot of layers as well. 

Today was a bonus day out on the water. Keep an eye on the weather forecast, you maybe still able to get your fly rods out for a few more hours.

Keep in mind that the Dickson Dam draws water down from the bottom of Gleniffer Lake. The water is warmer for this time of the year (cooler in the summer) and this will help keep the first 4 or 5 km below the dam, ice free.

...also a heads up! There is construction happening at the Dickson Dam Spillway. That may cause the water below the dam to become discoloured.


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