Tuesday, November 1, 2022

Burr! A Cold Snowy Afternoon at Dickson

I pulled into the parking lot area at Dickson about 12:30 pm and laughed. It was empty. It was -1C, windy and snowing when I arrived so I really was not surprised. I was dressed for the frigid weather so I was in great shape! I just wandered down the side of Dickson Trout Pond with my size 14 Tokaryk Special (tied balanced) and a size 14 Brill Shrimp added as a dropper. I set my indicator to about 4 feet and I let the moderate wave action do the rest of the work once I cast over the weed line along the shore. The trout were definitely cruising along the weed lines looking for just about anything to eat. I suspect their main food items are shrimp and forage fish! I connected with several dandy rainbows and tiger trout! The snow really started to amp up about mid afternoon. Every once in a while, I had to clear the ice from the guides on my fly rod. I searched for a spot not too far away from my truck just in case I needed to warm up and I also tried to find a spot where the wind was not in my face! I lasted about 3 hours. My fingers began to complain. I had already had a fantastic afternoon so I wandered back to my truck for the 35 minute drive back to Red Deer.

Today was a bonus day. Extremely cold snowy weather is settling in! When I was packing up, I wondered if today was my last lake session of the season. We'll see!

I am in the process of getting Fly Tying Mondays ready to go. I will make some important announcements about that in the coming days. It looks like we may have a new venue for tying on Mondays thanks to the kindness of a fellow fly fisher. Stay tuned. I am excited about meeting with everyone again face to face on Monday evenings.

Can you see the Tokaryk Special in the lip of the rainbows?

Frozen Guides!

Two jackets, a hoodie, long johns, and waders made me quite comfortable.

This brown was caught today at Cow Lake by Touy! There were a few diehards there! Well done Touy!


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