Monday, March 15, 2010

A Big Thank You to the Presenters

Well another tying season has come to a close except for the special session for the group heading to Parkland Region of Manitoba. We tied an incredible variety of trout patterns for both lakes and moving water during the 13 sessions. I would like to thank the following presenters:

Evan Ritchie
Dr. Bill Young
Bob Vanderwater
Doug Cook
Roy Saunders
Reid Stoyberg
Doug Pullen
Les Kolibaba
Phil Rowley
Jock MacKenzie
Byron Stearns

We have an incredible amount of knowledge within Central Alberta Fly Tyers. As many of you know, Karen and I are in travel mode next year and the club will have to carry on with some new leadership for the year. As the school year winds down we will endeavor to help get the group organized for next year.

Do get out and enjoy our waters. Find some new waters to fish this year and if you can, take a youngster out and introduce them to fly fishing.

I will be adding posts onto the Central Alberta Fly Tyers' Blog with great patterns and information that might be of some use to our group. Do check back often.

Bob and Karen

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