Thursday, March 4, 2010

Stream Weaver Flies

In 1997, I bought my first fly rod from Stream Weaver Fly Shop right behind the Ice Cream Shop at the top of the Ross Street hill. That was the start of my fly fishing and now the sport has evolved into a passion that I certainly would not have anticipated back then. My buddy Jay got me started. Bob Edens, owner of Stream Weaver Flies, set me up with a 5 weight rod, reel and line for $150.

Bob Eden's Fly Shop is now in his garage about 3 blocks further east of the location behind the Ice Cream shop. As you can see from the photos below, Stream Weaver Flies is alive and well in Red Deer. Bob carries everything that you might want for fly tying or he will bring it in for you. His garage is extremely well stocked and he has kept quite current with recent materials that have have been made available to fly tyers.

Bob is more than glad to open up the shop. You can give him a call and drop by. Call him at 403-343-8699 or e-mail Bob at . The shop is located at 3829-50A Street. Do call before you drop over.

Head here: Stream Weaver Flies to see Bob's web site.

Watch out though. Bob Edens loves to talk about fly fishing. He is extremely devoted to the sport.

Bob Edens and Doug Pullen

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