Monday, January 10, 2011

Monday January 10, 2011

Hi Everybody!

Phil Nash was our guest tyer tonight. 21 tyers made it out to learn how to tie a San Juan Worm with Larva Lace and a Letort Hopper. The Larva Lace San Juan Worm is a great looking pattern that will certainly produce on our trout waters. The translucent effect of the larva lace with an acetate floss underbody certainly makes the pattern effective. The Letort Hopper is a straight forward pattern that requires some precision with deer hair. Phil's presentation was excellent. We also appreciate Phil's effort to drive in from Wetaskiwin on such a cold night.

A few important notes. We have just two (maybe three spots) for the Phil Rowley Saturday Workshop on February 5th. The theme is Big Flies for Big Fish. Call or e-mail Bob to secure a spot.

A return trip to the Parkland Region of Manitoba is in the final planning stage. The trip starts Thursday June 9th with supper at Arrow Lake Lodge and goes to Monday June 13th. Monday June 13th your are on your own to travel back home or fish. The cost is $625 (I was $25 off in my last post, sorry). The 4 days will include daily seminars, hands on fishing including time with Phil in his boat. The cost also includes all food and accommodation. The trip will be offered to our group exclusively until the end of January.

The camaraderie on this trip makes for lots of fun. Phil Rowley does a great job with the seminars and out on the water. This trip has 12 spots and 4 are already gone (from our group). Let Bob know asap if you want to get on the trip.

Phil Nash leading the group
Larva Lace San Juan Worm

Hook: Mustad 37160 sizes 2 to 12
Thread: red 6/0
Underbody: Acetate floss (try pink, red and maroon) covered with flex cement
Overbody: Larva Lace clear/medium

Letort Hopper
Hook: standard dry fly hook sizes 6 to 10
Body: yellow fentex (or equivalent)
Wing:Deer hair
Head: Deer Hair

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