Monday, January 31, 2011

Monday January 31, 2011

Hi Everybody!

Evan Ritchie was our guest tyer tonight and 25 tyers spent the evening learning to tie several bucktail streamers. Evan's streamers covered brook, brown and rainbow trout. Many of us had our first opportunity to tie jungle cock eyes into our streamers. Jungle cock is hard (and expensive) to get. As always, Evan brought several neat patterns. Evan says try some of them on the Bow River. They work great there and he also bets they will do well in some of the trophy lakes in Manitoba. Thanks Evan, for an excellent evening of fly tying instruction.

Next week, Tim Maley is our guest tyer. Tim has requested that everybody bring a needle (sewing variety) as well as yellow and green antron (we will have the antron on hand if you do not have any).

Remember that the Big Flies for Big Fish Workshop with Phil Rowley is this Saturday at West Park Middle School starting at 9 am. Come a bit early and have a coffee. We are going to put in an order for pizza or bring your lunch. There will be a materials fee of $10. If you have the following material, please bring it:

6/0 White Thread

6/0 or 3/0 Yellow Thread

Holographic or Red Flashabou

Red Crystal Flash

Pearl Crystal Flash

Superglue for attaching eyes, Loctite Gel Type preferred (Wal-Mart)

Gold Mylar, Tinsel, or Diamond Braid

Dubbing Spinner

Side cutters for cutting hooks and wire etc.

Tonight we also had a visit from Jason Cooper, a biologist, from Alberta Fish and Wildlife. He brought several donated boxes of tying material from Jim Currie(I may have the spelling wrong). I will take a look at the material and distribute it in the next week or so.

Little Brook Trout

Hook: Streamer 2-12 XL
Tail: Bright green bucktail
Rib: Flat silver
Body: White yarn or dubbing
Wing: Four hair layers, badger over green over orange over white bucktail
Head: Black lacquered

Little Brown Trout Bucktail

Hook: streamer 2-12 XL
Tail: small pheasant breast feather
Rib: Red wire
Body: White yarn or dubbing
Wing: Four layers of hair, dark brown squirrel over dark grey squirrel over red bucktail over yellow bucktail
Cheeks: Jungle Cock Eyes or sub
Head: Black lacquered

Little Rainbow Trout Bucktail
Hook: Streamer 2-12 XL
Tail: Green bucktail
Rib: Silver tinsel
Body: Pink-white yarn or dubbing
Wing: Four layers of hair, badger over bright green over pink over white bucktail
Cheeks: Jungle Cock Eyes or sub
head: Black laquered

Bernie says this fly is perfection.

Lining up the jungle cock eyes.

The Gang

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