Monday, December 9, 2013

Dr. Bill Young Kicks off a New Fly Tying Season


Hi Everybody!

Dr. Bill Young kicked off a new fly tying season by showing 18 avid fly tyers two tried and true flies with some modifications from the standard pattern. Bill saw an excellent elk hair caddis pattern that included a CDC underbody while travelling in Germany. Bill thought it was an excellent modification of the original pattern. The second fly was a parachute pattern that he loves to use when the flavs are out. Flavs or Lesser Green Drakes can be found on our cutthroat rivers in August and when these bugs are out, the fly fishing can be explosive to say the least.

Thanks Bill for getting our tying season off to an excellent start!

Just a note that 17 spots are already gone for the Phil Rowley Conquering Chironomids Workshop on January 18th. Drop Bob Vanderwater an e-mail to sign up ( The cost of the workshop is $40. That includes all of the materials to tie the flies.

Next week Reid Stoyberg is our guest presenter. Reid spent last summer guiding at Plummer's Lodge. I am sure that Reid will share some amazing experiences and some of favorite fly patterns from the tundra!

See you next week!

Bill demonstated how to use hackle pliers that are used for parachute flies. 

It is always nice to see new fly tyers come and join our group! Welcome.

Sharing another great moment.

Bill's Parachute Flav

Hook: standard size 12 dry fly hook
Tail: White Antron
Body: Grey dubbing (superfine, muskrat, etc)
Post: Antron 
Hackle: Grizzly

CDC Elk Hair Caddis

Hook: Size 14 standard dry fly hook
Body: beaver, rabbit, muskrat, superfine antron, etc
Wing: Underbody: CDC feather
Overwing: Elk hair
Thorax: "buggy" dubbing lots of guard hair

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