Thursday, December 5, 2013

Flashback Pheasant Tail with a Rainbow Bead

Hi Everybody!

Sometimes small modifications make a BIG difference to a fly! Everybody carries Pheasant Tails in the their fly box, some weighted others not. It is a fly fisherman's staple on both lakes and rivers. This past fall I saw first hand how a change of the bead can increase your catch rate. Simply changing to a rainbow bead from the usual gold bead turned an average day on one of the lakes in the Parkland Region of Manitoba in to an amazing day. I have to thank my buddy Larry for discovering this.

You can buy these beads from the Canadian Llama Company. You can purchase a wide variety of beads at excellent prices here too.

Here is the recipe for the pattern that I like:

Hook: Mustad C49S sizes 12 to 16
Thread: UTC 70 denier red (I like a red collar behind the bead)
Bead: Rainbow (or gold)
Tail: Pheasant
Body: Pheasant (6 to 12 fibres)
Rib: small copper wire
Flashback: Mirage Opal Tinsel (medium)
Legs: pheasant
Thorax: peacock herl or peacock diamond dub/Arizona peacock
Wing case: Loon Clear Fly finish (thick formulation) This is an optional step!

...the results can be amazing!

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