Thursday, May 22, 2014

Bullshead Reservoir

Bullshead Reservoir should definitely be on your to do list for fly fishing. Bullshead is in the Cypress Hills just outside of Medicine Hat. The reservoir is large with a main lake and a pond that it is connected by a large culvert. Yes it can be greatly affected by wind although when we were there, that was not the case. We caught decent numbers of fish using Glenn's Leech, "Rick's Special and chironomids. In the chironomid department, blood worms earlier in the day and a grey chironomid later in the afternoon and evening were the ticket!

There is lots of room to fish. It was not that busy when we were there!

The Cypress Hill are beautiful. The views are amazing. The reservoir has lots of fish, many of them are impressive in size. If you go, right after ice off until mid June is great and then in the fall. The triploids are getting large. 

This gigantic bull greeted us each morning!

Bob fishing on "Golden Pond."

A quiet moment one evening!

Larry and his brother Ken having a great time!

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