Sunday, May 10, 2015

Mother's Day at Dickson Trout Pond

Karen and I decided to hit Dickson Trout Pond before we had our Mother's Day dinner with family! It is only 40 minutes to the trout pond from our house. I always wonder why this sizeable body of water is considered a pond. It is after all one of the largest if not the largest pot hole lake in Central Alberta. We thought such a beautiful day would bring bucket loads of fishermen but it really was not busy at all. Lots of shore fishermen who do not get more than 100 meters from the parking lot were crowded into the usual corner.

Rainbows were moving everywhere when we arrived and that certainly set the stage for "fish on" all day. We used Glen's Leech in black, baby damsels and flashbacks. All three patterns worked great just 4 or 5 feet under an indicator. We caught rainbows from 8 inches to 14 inches, the majority were in the 10 inch category! Most of the fish we caught were close to shore.

Osprey, pelicans, terns, loons and Canada geese are all around the lake allowing you to enjoy their antics as you fish!

We were quite surprise to see very little water in Glennifer Lake. You can clearly see the old Red Deer River channel because a lot of Glennifer Lake was dry or is that mud! The flow of the Red Deer River here in Red Deer is incredibly low at the moment. I wonder if there is a plan to allow run off to fill up the lake with minimal impact to Red Deer. It will be interesting to see how this situation evolves in the coming weeks. I have never seen the lake with so little water for this time of the year. Recreational users at the lake might be concerned. I hope it all works out!

The good news at Dickson Trout Pond is that there is a lot of catchable rainbows in the pond. We fished for 5 hours and caught close to 50 rainbows. The downside is that there are suckers in the pond and amazingly enough, they like to eat flies. We caught 5 suckers while fly fishing.

I am always reminded that celebrating Mother's Day is great opportunity to pamper the unsung hero of the family! I have one family member who says that every day is Mother's Day. I have to agree!

The Red Deer River channel in Glennifer Lake

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