Sunday, September 18, 2016

Piper Creek Restoration Project Needs Volunteers

Trout Unlimited Canada with help from the City of Red Deer are working on a restoration project on Piper Creek. The project is happening just south (about 500 metres) of the Red Deer Landfill (same road)  on the east side of the road at one of the city's garden plot areas. Below is a schedule of what will be happening the last week of September. If you have a few hours to spare, head over and lend a hand!

Elliot Lindsay, a biologist for Trout Unlimited Canda, will be there to oversee and manage the project!

We are now only two weeks away from the removal of the stream crossing (exciting!) and the month is flying by. At this stage in the game, we are planning on the following activities down the home stretch. I have also included some tasks and activities that we need help with, if you are able let me know if you, or any others are interested in helping out with any of these.

Monday September 26th
-          Harvest of willow stakes at a TBD location (working on this with Ken and Suzan).
-          Bring harvested willow stakes to site for soaking (and stealing by beaver).
-          Electrofishing 300m reach downstream of existing crossing, prior to removal.

Tuesday September 27th
-          Construct partial isolation of Piper Creek for dewatering of work area on the 28th and 29th. Help needed to fill sandbags and construct isolation.
-          Test pump capacity and adjust accordingly.

Wednesday September 28th
-          Isolate work area and begin diversion of water downstream of work area.
-          Conduct fish rescue in isolated area. Need a couple people for a half day (takes time to get water pumped down, etc.). You will need to bring leak-free waders for this, or let us know and we can lend you some.
-          “Roughen” south approach to loosen soil.
-          Remove stream crossing and stockpile materials away from the creek.
-          Remove isolation and restore stream flow to channel.

Thursday September 29th
-          Haul removed materials from site to landfill.
-          “Roughen” north approach.
-          Install Bio-D blocks, incorporating live stakes. Need a few folks to help with this task.

Friday September 30th
-          TUC will be off-site in Calgary.

Saturday October 1st
-          Volunteer planting workday at site to plant rooted stock and live stakes of Willow, Poplar, etc.
-          Distribute woody debris, leaf litter, and mulch throughout disturbed/reclaimed areas.

Wednesday October 18th
-          Beaver workshop I; late afternoon event (details to follow).

To Be Confirmed

-          Beaver workshop II; planting effort to improve beaver habitat.

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