Tuesday, January 9, 2018

An Incredible Week in the Arctic! and Tying Bauer Rigs with Wiggle Tails

Well we got 2018 off to a great start! Karen, Jay, Rick and Bob did a presentation on our trip to Plummer's Arctic Lodge during Fly Fishing Week in mid August. It was definitely a trip of a lifetime for us all. One of our club member's, Reid Stoyberg, is a guide at the lodge. he finally got us up to Great Bear Lake, the world famous Tree River and to the Sulky River!

Below is a slide show that we presented last night of our trip to the arctic. Tale a look. It takes about 13 minutes!

Once the presentation was over, Rick Myauchi led the group in learning how to tie a Bauer Rig with wiggle tails. We owe a big thanks to Ben at Rapax for helping us get the materials for tonight's session. It took time to get the wiggle tails and snaps. Luckily they arrived just in time! We used the Bauer Rigs with a wiggle tail a lot while fishing for lake trout at Great Bear Lake. We essentially tied half and half flies. That is, a hybrid of Lefty's Deceiever and Bob Clouser's famous clouser minnow!

Everybody has homework. That is to tie their version of of a fly using a Bauer Rigg with a wiggle tail! I hope that several of tonight's tyers show them off at next week's tying session!

Just a few notes:

1. Next week Dr. Bill is tying flies and I am sure he will be sharing some of his photos from his trip to Jurassic Lake in Argentina. Bring black 6/0 (140 denier) or black 3/0 (210 denier thread), I believe it is a Go Big or Go Home tying session!

2. Finally, the Phil Rowley tying session is quickly filling up. There are 5 spots left for the all day tying session on February 3rd. The theme is Bread and Butter Stillwater Patterns! Drop me a note (bob.vanderwater@rdpsd.ab.ca to sign up)!

Slide Show of our trip to Plummer's Arctic Lodge!

Rick Myauchi teaching the group how to tie a Bauer Rig with a Wiggle Tail

A Half and Half-Hybrid of a Clouser Minnow and a Deceiver with a Wiggle Tail

Construction of the Bauer Rig with a Wiggle Tail

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