Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Fishing' in the Dark with Taryn and Karen

Taryn and Karen love to chase the hatches in Central Alberta at dusk on our home rivers. Whether it be brown drakes, PMDs, caddis or the fabled hexagenia hatch, these two adventurous gals are always ready for an adventure in the dark! Crashing around in the dark when the mosquitoes are out doesn't bother either Karen or Taryn!

Tonight TC Outfitters was filled to capacity to try their hand at tying a foam hexagenia and Craig Matthew's, X-Caddis. Karen showed the gang how to tie a foam hexagenia and Taryn showed everybody how to tie the X-Caddis! Great job ladies.

Next week Dan Reaman is our guest tyer. See you then!

Karen Vanderwater

Taryn Bowman

X-Caddis (Craig Matthews)

Hook: TMC 100 sizes 14-18
Tread: 70 Denier Olive 
Trailing Shuck: Z-Lon
Body: Olive Super Fine Dubbing
Wing: Deer Hair

Foam Body Hexagenia

Hook: TMC 100 size 6 or 8
Thread tan or yellow 6/0 or 140 denier
Tail: Pheasant or moose
Body: 2 mm cream or yellow foam
Post: Macrame yarn
Hackle: Cream or yellow saddle

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