Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Important Details About the Phil Rowley Workshop on Saturday February 3rd!

The Phil Rowley Workshop will be located at:

MacKenzie Light Industrial Park, just south of the City of Red Deer Landfill. The Gun Club is also in the same area! In the Industrial Park, we will be at The Wheel House 484 McCoy Drive. See below for a map!

Coffee will be on at 8:30 am!

If you want to order pizza for lunch, bring $10, Karen will chase it for everybody!

Snacks and drinks will be available for everybody!

We will also be at Tiffany's pub on the south hill after 7 pm on Friday night, see you there! Bring your spouse or significant other and have a visit!

Lastly here is a list of materials you need to bring to the Phil Rowley All Day Workshop on February 3rd:

Fly Tying Vise
Portable Lamp
Dubbing Spinner
Dubbing Wax
Black Sharpie (Fine Point)
Red Sharpie (Fine Point)
Olive Prismacolor Marker or similar
UV resin, thick
UV resin, thin (flow)
Ultra Wire, Gold, Small
Ultra Wire, Chartreuse, Small
8/0 or 70 Denier Black Thread
8/0 or 70 Denier Olive Thread
8/0 or 70 Denier White Thread
Peacock Herl
Pearlescent Crystal Flash
Pearlescent Flashabou

How to get to the location of the Phil Rowley Fly Tying Workshop on February 3rd

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