Thursday, July 12, 2018

Fly Fishing for West Slope Cutthroat in Southern Alberta

The rivers in Central Alberta are slowly coming back into shape so Karen and I headed south. There are so many options to fly fish in southern part of our beautiful province. We decided to simplify our gear and tent it! We arrived at a great camping spot after driving through some nasty thunderstorms with a lot of electrical activity! We grabbed our rods and got a few cutthroat before a nasty thunderstorm descended upon us. It rain, it poured and our river turned to a nasty colour of grey with very little visibility! We wondered if we wasted a four hour plus drive. The river rose 4 inches rather quickly. Oh that is bad. A few hours later, the river started to clear! Not just that, the cutthroat got real active. Joy! 

The next morning dawned overcast but no rain in the forecast. We enjoyed our bacon and eggs washed down with coffee with some Baileys. We loaded up some snacks and went exploring. We tied on our tried and true orange crush fly. The cutthroat love golden stones. We also knew that green drakes were hatching in places and maybe we might encounter them. Well we did find a smattering of green drakes hatching and we caught a few with smaller "flav" imposters. But it was golden stone imitations that did great.

The mornings saw few rising fish so we nymphed. The cutts were quite active down deep and we did quite well with wiggle worms, CDC Red Tags and flashbacks. Surface fishing picked up over the course of the day. Once there was a shadow on a pool, the cutthroat got quite active on the surface.

The weather stabilized, cleared and dropped just a bit. That made for awesome fly fishing. Gin clear turquoise coloured water makes for awesome dry fly action!

The three days went by way too fast! Luckily our rivers in  West Central Alberta will get back into shape soon! I love walking those rivers!

Yes, I almost went swimming!

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