Wednesday, May 15, 2019

May 15th-Opening Day on the Red Deer River

Fly fishing the Red Deer River was actually plan B. Plan A was to fly fish on Sylvan Lake but the wind scuttled that idea. Darn. Well both the Red Deer River and Sylvan Lake open to fishing on May 15th, so we decided to head to the "Deer," to fish! There is a healthy population of walleye, lots of goldeye, pike, sauger, some brown trout and a ton of rocky mountain whitefish.  Other species are in the Red Deer River further downstream. Sadly there are prussian carp in the Red Deer River. If you catch a carp, be sure to not put it back.

We started off looking for walleye but Murray found a "hot spot" for rocky mountain whitefish and it was game on. The amazing thing was the fact that the rockies were eating our ice minnow flies. Murray held the hot stick all day. At the end of our fishing, he tagged a nice walleye and that pretty much made his day, perfect. Colin caught lots of rockies and got a sizeable walleye too! I started off swinging flies with my spey rod. I caught a walleye right away and then I finally switched to nymphing with an ice minnow!

Not bad for Plan B. Even though the "Dam Man" increased the flow on the Red Deer River as run off starts, the tailwater below Glenifer Dam is quite fishable.

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