Wednesday, December 11, 2019

Buzzer Wrap Chironomids with Steve Luethi

I owe Steve Luethi a big thank you for teaching this tying session during Fly Tying Monday at West River Fly Shop in Red Deer. I had to head to my hometown of Belleville Ontario at short notice. This was part two of Fly Fishing Sylvan Lake with chironomids. In particular, the main ingredient for the chironomids was Buzzer Wrap. I have to thank Kent Govett from Canadian Llama Company for getting me the materials for this tying session quickly. Kent distributes hooks, beads and tying materials at a great price. I appreciate the quality of his materials and quick service at an excellent price.

Buzzer wrap is an excellent material. It is a very translucent material that helps create depth in chironomids and it also allows under materials' colours to blend with the buzzer wrap allowing for very realistic looking chironomids. I use buzzer wrap for many of my chironomids.

I will be starting to make a list for our all day fly tying session with Phil Rowley. This is a stillwater session that is always amazing. The cost is $45 and that will include most of the materials you will need for the day. Drop me a note ( to sign up)

Next week Dr. Bill Young is our guest fly tying instructor. You will enjoy Bill's tying session, see you then!

Steve Luethi

Violet Chironomid (Phil Rowley originator)

Thread: UTC 70, Rusty Brown
Hook: Alec Jackson Crystal Covert sizes 13 or 15
Bead: 3/32nd, copper
Gills: Unistretch
Underbody: Red Holographic Tinsel, Red
Overbody: Dark Claret Buzzer Wrap
Rib: Copper wire, small

Black and Red Ice Cream Cone Chironomid

Thread: Black UTC 70 denier
Hook: Hook: Alec Jackson Phantom Covert sizes 13 or 15, or Covert Nymph
Bead: White, 3/32nd
Underbody: Black Thread
Overbody: Black Buzzer Wrap
Rib: Red Holographic Tinsel, small

Collaborator Variant (Phil Rowley originator)

Check out the video, I have replaced the bead with a coffee coloured one and used root beer buzzer wrap instead of frostbite.

Blackberry Buzzer (John Kent originator)

Hook: Hook: Alec Jackson Phantom Covert sizes 13 or 15
Thread: Black UTC 70 denier
Gills: White Unistretch
Underbody: Black thread
Overbody: Cranberry buzzer wrap
Rib: 1 black, 1 red wire small


Hook: Hook: Alec Jackson Phantom Covert sizes 13 or 15
Thread: Wine UTC 70 denier
Bead: White 3/32nd
Underbody: Wine thread
Overbody: Dark Claret Buzzer Wrap
Rib: Black wire, small

All species of fish in Sylvan Lake will eat chironomids!

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