Monday, December 2, 2019

Ralf Kuntzman is Back at the Vice with LOTS of Creativity

Ralf Kuntzman was our guest instructor tonight. Ralf showed the gang how to tie a Waste Troll Leech Variation. I have added a link to Phil Rowley's You Tube page where Phil demonstrates how to tie a Waste Troll Leech. Ralf dyes his feathers using unsweetened Kool Aid. The results are fantastic.

Ralf also introduced the group to tying streamers with old synthetic wigs purchased right after Halloween. Ralf got these wigs for cheap right after Halloween. Lots of great colours for tying flies for toothy critters and larger fish. These flies can be tied either on hooks or as tube flies. Now Ralf buys tubing from Princess Auto for his tube flies. Great idea!

Finally Ralf showed the gang how to use wine corks to make poppers. What a great idea!

I also posted photos of the flies Ralf taught a group last March but they were not photographed.

I appreciate Ralf's creativity and resourcefulness. Thanks Ralf for a fun evening!

Next week is part two of Fly Fishing Sylvan Lake. It is a chironomid session using Buzzer Wrap. You will need black and wine coloured thread 8/0 or 70 denier. If you have burnt orange thread and rusty brown thread, both 8/0 or 70 denier, do bring it along!

See you next week!

Ralf's Waste Troll Leech Variant

Garnett testing out the fly tying materials.

Rob is showing an example of a double surgeons knot loop that Ralf loves to use to tie his flies on his terminal tackle. A great resource is the Orvis Knot Tutorials.

Last March, Ralf did a fly tying session. No photographs were taken of the neat flies that day. Today I had the chance to do just that.

Above: Ralf's Damsels

Below: Ralf's Caddis 

All tied with Sparkle Braid as the main ingredient!

Sparkle Braid Pumpkinhead

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