Monday, December 16, 2019

Micro Leeches and Rubber Legged Stimulators with Dr. Bill Young

Dr. Bill Young was our presenter tonight. Dr. Bill had the gang work on micro leeches and a rubber legged stimulator. Micro leeches are incredibly effective flies and their beauty is their simplicity. An easy tie and the colour combinations are endless although olive, claret and black are real winning colours. Don't be afraid of blending colours. Your biggest challenge will be to find the long flowing marabou that makes this pattern so effective. Fishing them in the spring or fall can be very effective. The olive version is an excellent shrimp pattern for late fall.

Dr. Bill also had the gang tackle a rubber legged stimulator. The rubber legged stimulator has a lot of parts. It is a great fly to learn how to deal with elk or deer hair, hackle, dubbing a body, a wing and the most important item is the proper sense of proportion.

Dr. Bill has been a regular instructor with our group for many years and I appreciate his effort to do a fly tying presentation every year. Thanks again Dr. Bill!

Betty and Steve MacKenzie brought a beginner fly tying set to donate to a new tyer. Drop me a note and the vice, bobbin and a few hooks are yours!

This was the last fly tying session until after Christmas. Have a great Christmas everybody! 

Remember that the all day fly tying workshop with Phil Rowley is February 1st. The workshop is starting to fill up so get a hold of bob ( to sign up.

Baby Damsel Brian Chan Originator

Hook: Curved Pupa Hook, sizes 16 to 10
Bead: Gold or copper 3/32
Thread: Olive 70 denier (colour to match)
Tail: Olive marabou
Body: Olive marabou
Rib: Gold or copper wire, small

Rubber Legged Stimulator

Hook: 3xl curved nymph hook (e.g. TMC 200R), sizes 14 to 8
Thread: Olive or brown 8/0 (UTC 70)
Tail: Elk or Deer
Body: Antron, Ice dub, etc
Hackle: Brown or grizzly
Wing Underbody: Crystal Flash
Underwing#1: Deer or elk
Overwing: Orange deer hair
Thorax: Ice dub
Thorax Hackle: Brown, grizzly or blue dun
Legs: Rubber

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