Thursday, February 20, 2020

Betty and Steve at Christmas Island-What an Adventure

Betty and Steve just got back yesterday from their week at Kiribati/Christmas Island.  What a place!  Amazing sights and fishing for big bonefish. They stayed at  the Sunset Hotel, right on the beach.  Their rooms were pretty rudimentary and thankfully they had air conditioning and space for their stuff so they couldn’t complain and the food was wonderful.
Steve and Betty had a guide each day, and they were all excellent at spotting fish, taking them to interesting places, and making sure they were casting with the wind - a pleasure after Jurassic Lake!
Most of the fishing was walking and wading in water knee deep to waist deep, or on the ocean side into the surf.  They did almost no fishing from the boats.
The bonefish maybe weren't as plentiful as other places, but they were definitely big, and so strong.  Betty and Steve got used to seeing the end of their backing when a big one would go for a run.  The average size was about 18", with some really big ones caught. Betty and Steve also caught baby giant trevally as well as striped, bluefin, and spotted trevally, but they didn't get a chance at any giant trevally, although they saw them rip in and out of the area a couple of times.  They also caught numerous other reef fish.
Betty and Steve also loved seeing the numerous birds, dolphins and other wildlife.

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