Saturday, June 13, 2020

Fly Fishing with Grandkids

Karen and I drove out to Fish Lake (also called Shunda Lake) next door to Nordegg to hang out with our kids and grandkids at their camp site. I brought my pram so we could go for a ride around the lake and that we did. As we got ready, I saw rainbows all over the place. I had not brought any fly fishing gear but my son-in-law, Alan, had Gavin's "Cars" rod, a 5 cent bobber and a couple of old flies. We were in business. The grandkids took turns casting out with the flies and slowly reeling in. They had so much fun giggling as they reeled in the recently stocked rainbows. They needed help releasing them back into the lake but otherwise, they did the rest themselves. They took turns for many hours. What an incredible 3 hours of fishing with one kids rod, a bobber and two old flies. Take a look!

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