Saturday, June 20, 2020

Lake Trout in West Central Alberta

Lake trout on the fly? A great challenge indeed. We were told that you could very well get blanked. Not just that it may take a few days to get one. Only 90 minutes from Red Deer is a lake that Rick, Brandon, Steve and I decided to check out. The lake trout population is unique. These are lakers that are chironomid eaters. Interesting and the population is low. Well we connected on two. We had 5 or 6 takes all day. It was well worth the effort to give it a go. If you do some research, there are several places to catch lakers within a 3 hour drive of Red Deer.

While Rick and I were fly fishing, we both had a unique experience that was a warning. There were thunderstorms all around us. I told Rick we would move to shore if we were about to take a direct hit. As one storm was reverberating all around the lake, the static electricity was amazing. We both got a great shock while holding our rod. It was quite a zap. It was time to take a break on shore.

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