Monday, June 15, 2020

Run Off is in Full Swing

It is THAT time of the year. Everyone is raring to go to hit the rivers but unless you are fishing spring creeks, your time is best spent on lakes. Large streamers will get you some action at times. The Red Deer River around the Dam has about 6 to 8 inches of visibility today. The Raven River at Raven has next to no visibility but I do suspect that the North Raven is fishable.

My kids were hiking along the Big Horn River on Sunday and as you can see, it is high and off colour.

The run off, both from storms and mountain melt, will take a few weeks I suspect. Remember you can go to Alberta River Basins to check out the flow on your favourite streams. Our Eastern Slopes Rivers are now open, enjoy them when it is safe to do so and practice no trace fishing. Be sure to keep quads out of the rivers and use them responsibly.

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