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Tuesday, November 10, 2020

Bonus Day on the Red Deer River

Well the mercury grudgingly crawled up to close to 0C but the wind was rocking. Do you climb into the waders and get after it? Of course you do, just layer up for the conditions.

Colin and I carefully drove to the Red Deer River on slippery roads. We broke trail through the fresh snow and tied on candy corn balanced flies. We caught a few walleye right away but the action was slow. We switched to a balanced silver minnow and then the fly fishing picked up!

We were pleasantly surprised at how active the walleye were. Colin even caught a decent sized brown trout that certainly made the day interesting!

Our hands tingled and were close to getting numb. We hung in there until the fly fishing slowed. The roads were slick on the way home so we just took our time. What a fun 4 hours on the water. I sure hope it is not yet over. I guess the weatherman will have the final say!

Do take the time tomorrow to pause and reflect as we celebrate Remembrance Day. We are so lucky to live in Canada.


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