Tuesday, November 24, 2020

It is Feeling a Lot Like Winter but the Walleye are Still Active

A chinook arch started to form just after breakfast. It was still -13c but there was warm air out on the eastern slopes getting ready to spill eastward towards Central Alberta. Doug and I decided to make a late morning trip to the Red Deer River to see if we could connect with some walleye. We certainly found some active walleye. Later in the afternoon we went looking for some whitefish and we connected with a few of them as well. We were not catching very many walleye but the chance to get outside is great therapy to help combat COVID-19. If you have a chance to get outside to go for a walk, to go skiing, to exercise or to fly fish, do it! It is a great distraction and a chance to clear your mind for a few precious hours. Several bald eagles paid us a visit as did a number of tundra swans. Now that was cool!

The warm air did find its way to where we were fly fishing. We thought it would be windy but that did not materialize. Doug and I enjoyed the fly fishing a lot when the mercury climbed above freezing; allowing our guides and tip tops to not freeze. Fabulous therapy!

Oh yes, here is some evidence of poaching. It is sad that individuals feel they do not have to follow the regulations. Do it right, everybody!

It was -6C at 11:30 am but by 2 pm, the mercury climbed above zero!

Tundra Swan


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