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Thursday, November 5, 2020

Walleye on the Red Deer River-Remember, This is a Catch and Release Fishery

Fly Fishing for Walleye on the Red Deer River has been excellent. With the run of excellent warmer than seasonal weather, it has been fun rooting around below the Glennifer Dam looking for walleye. When you do find the walleye, you often catch several. Several members of our gang have been out giving it a go!

I do wish that everybody who fishes for walleye on the Red Deer River, respects the regulations. I talked to one chap who told me, his buddy said it was ok to harvest walleye.  That was after I saw him kill a walleye. WRONG! It is the responsibility of all fishermen to KNOW THE REGULATIONS!

Do it right everyone. Enjoy the fly fishing!


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