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Wednesday, November 10, 2021

Will Walleye Eat Wiggle Worms?

The last few outings I have targeted walleye on the Red Deer River, I spent time using a wiggle worm. I remembered a summer trip down the Red Deer River where Karen and I connected with several walleye with wiggle worms. Well, I have discovered that wiggle worms definitely get the attention of walleye!

Is the wiggle worm one of the most versatile flies out there? ...I think so. Many purists will never fly fish with a wiggle worm, although I will for one. Worms are definitely a food source for fish. Be sure to have a box full for both lake and river fly fishing!

These last three pictures were from a float to Red Deer from the Penhold bridge. We were targeting goldeye but we did shake hands with several walleye using a wiggle worm!


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