Sunday, May 15, 2022

Chironomid Fly Fishing in "Bernie Water!"

It felt great to get back out on the water today after a trip to Ontario to spend quality time with my family! Just before heading home, I watched our dear friend, Bernie's farewell that was streamed from England. It was a very fitting gathering of family and friends to say good bye!

Today Karen and I decided we would fly fish in "Bernie Water!" That is 12 feet of water for those who are wondering. Bernie always started off chironomid fly fishing in 12 feet of water. That was his go to depth. As Karen and I motored out to our starting spot, we could see large chironomid adults on the water. We started off with a size 10 Rusty Nail and added a size 10 Black Sally after a while. We were catching nice rainbows from 9 am right until we quit at 2 ish!

I am pretty sure that Bernie was onto something. Twelve feet down is a great way to start and in our case, end too! Thanks Bernie for the great advice!

Take a look at the cool video Karen shot today of a chironomid emerging.


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