Sunday, May 1, 2022

Cutthroat in Washington State

Happy May Day Everyone!

Karen and I along with Colin and Murray headed over to Washington State to fly fish a lake for beautifully coloured cutthroat trout! The 5 days we were on the water was wonderful. The cutthroat were so aggressive. We fly fished with blood worms, Las Vegas Balanced Leeches, Baby Damsels and a variety of other balanced leech patterns. It was a long drive but so worth it! Spring was well along, trees had blossoms and many flowers were out! Most days the temperature climbed up to 21C. We did get some wind and showers but that just meant we had to "layer up!" Pulses of showers certainly did not slow down the fly fishing. Being outside was great therapy for a long winter. The Mexican food at the end of the day was a great reward for a day on the water. It was a long drive because of road construction around Golden.

Take a look!


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