Monday, January 23, 2023

A Neat Way to Tie An Ultimate Boatman and Chromies with Ralf Kuntzemann

What a terrific evening of fly tying with Ralf Kuntzemann. Ralf ties lots of flies for his friends so he loves to figure out ways to make his patterns quick and easy ties! Tonight Ralf showed 18 fly tyers a neat way to tie an Ultimate Boatman. An ultimate boatman is quite fussy to construct. Ralf glues two pieces of foam together with 3M Super 77 spray glue and then punches out his foam bodies with a homemade punch fashioned from a spent bullet shell. Then he uses a needle to thread the silly legs. Fast and efficient! I am already looking forward to Ralf's next tying session in late February! Thanks for thinking outside the box Ralf!

Next week, Steve Luethi is our guest tyer. Steve is a guide with Out Flyfishing from Calgary. Steve loves tying big streamers and I am sure he has some big fish flies on his mind.

Finally, we could still use 3-5 more tyers for the Phil Rowley Workshop on February 11th. 

See you next week!

Willy showing us the empty shell casing used to make a punch for the the foam bodies.

Once you punch out the foam bodies, use a needle and a bit of glue to thread the silly legs through the foam.

Take a felt pen and and add red eyes and that wine glass look on the boatman.

Use a razor blade to create a slit for the hook!

Slit the foam with a razor blade and insert your favourite hook, then add some clear gorilla glue to seal the deal.

The steps go quite quickly and you can make a dozen ultimate boatmen in an hour.

Watch Neil Jennings Construct an Ultimate Boatman

The second fly of the evening was "The One Wire Wonder Chromie!"

Add a bead then wrap the wire rib right onto the shank of the hook. Then use resin to create depth and a taper. Simple, quick. and functional!


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