Wednesday, January 18, 2023

Some Information About Ralf Kuntzemann's Tying Session this Upcoming Monday January 23rd

For this Monday's tying session with Ralf Kuntzemann. If you have any of the following bring them along. I will bring some extra. This tying session looks like a blast!

1/ Loon, or other, UV epoxy  - thick preferred - both thin and thick if they have

[with UV Flashlight]

2/ an old magazine that they don't mind thrashed/trashed [for mixing epoxy and banging out some scud patterns]

3/ a mallet, or some other "pounding" device

4/ a large sewing needle [to fit backswimmer/boatman legs into eye]

5/ a razor blade [or other sharp cutting instrument]

6/ medium/small/X-small wire [red/black/copper/brown - as they may have]

7/ magic, or other permanent, markers [fine tip preferred]

Pls let me know if you need further information


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