Monday, March 6, 2023

Some Excellent Chironomid Patterns to Add to Your Fly Box

Chironomids are a staple for all stillwater fly fishers. There are so many chironomid patterns out there. Many tyers will gear their patterns to match the colours of their local chironomids. Tonight we took a look at 4 great chironomid patterns. The blue dun thread chironomid, two antistatic chironomids and a basic black and red chironomid where we blended threads.

Here are some places you can buy precut Antistatic Bag (there are definitely other sources too) Tonight we used .5mm antistatic strips:

5. Contact: Heidi Barby on Facebook

Next week, Rick Miyauchi is our guest tyer. Rick is going to be tying some extended body mayflies. Bring a long needle that is not too thick (sewing needle). I think we will also be tying some parachute flies. See you next week!

Adult chironomids


Blue Dun Chironomid (BC FlyGuys)

Hook: 1760 size 14
Bead: Black, 3/32nd
Gills: Unistretch
Rib: UTC 70 thread
Body: Blue Dun Thread 8/0
Collar: Burnt Orange UTC 70

Black and Red Chironomid with Blended Thread

Hook: 1760 sizes 16-12
Bead: White 3/32nd
Thread: UTC Black and Red 8/0
Rib: Red wire extra small


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