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Kreelex Streamers with Doug Pullan

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Last night Doug Pullan spent the evning with us talking about fly fishing streamers. Doug then showed us all how to tie the Kreelex Minnow! The room was full of fly tyers who set to work creating their kreelex minnows. Below is Doug's presentation.

Next week, Rick and Bob will be honouring Bob Scammell by tying up the Henry's Fork Special and the Letort Hopper. The week after, Larry Prowse will be our guest tyer and Garnet Clews will end our tying season with a presentation. See you next week!

Streamer Fishing

Fishing a streamer is a fly fishing technique that suggests your artificial fly resemble a baitfish, small fish or other aquatic prey. Unlike some fly fishing techniques requiring a drag free float or slowly moving in the water column, fishing a streamer requires an active presentation which in turn will excite the predatory instincts of your targeted fish. Streamers patterns are usually larger and more substantial than other fly patterns. The materials that fly tiers use to create effective imitations are vast; they include marabou, chenilles, rabbit strips, feathers, deer hair, sculpin wool, synethic fibres and flash materials. The colour choices are endless however; the classic streamer colours include black, white, olive and brown. When you are unsure on what colour of streamer to use, a classic approach is a good place to start. Dark day, dark fly – light day, light fly – bright day, bright fly. To expand on this; on a cloudy day or the water is stained or murky, go with a black fly, on a lighter day, go with a tan or white fly, on a sunny day use a fly with lots of flash. Fly sizes can range from 1 inch up to 5 inches, some even larger. Streamers can be weighted or unweighted, tied on a single hook or a tube. Some even incorporate an articulated body to add more movement to the fly pattern.

There are some things to consider before you go fishing. 

  1. 1. Rod Line Weight: Lighter line weights (4-5wt) are recommended for small streamers, heavier line weights (7-8wt) can manage larger streamers.
  2. 2. Leaders: Fish are not usually leader shy when fishing streamers in streams or rivers. Up the leader or tippet size to 1X. The heavier leader/tippet transfers more casting energy to the fly and resists abrasion. This can be a negative factor to consider when fishing lakes with clear water but ok when water is murky.

Streamer Tactics

When floating a river there are various techniques to attract fish to your streamer. Most fish will be found within 10’ of the shore line, therefore casting your streamer to the edge of the bank and stripping back is a good tactic. If you’re wading the river, casting the streamer across the current and letting it swing downstream imitates a wounded or fleeing minnow. Stripping the fly line with variable speed and rhythm actions allow the streamer to mimic a swimming or darting prey. Casting directly upstream allowing the steamer to dead-drift is another less common method.

When fishing streamers in a lake, different tactics are required to be successful. Unlike rivers, lakes do not have a current to influence your streamer, therefore slow and steady retrieves are necessary. Other aspects to consider are:

  • - Water temperature: 52-64F, fish are actively feeding in this range.
  • - Water clarity: Murky water is best to disguise your fly line, leader and tippet.
  • - Protection: Fish feel safe when they can find cover and at drop offs where they can flee if they feel threated.
  • - Stealth: Avoid having the streamer slap the water, always aim for a light drop onto the water’s surface.
  • - Retrievals: If stripping the streamer produces no results, try jigging the fly.
  • - Colour: If natural coloured streamers are not successful, try a more colourful attractor  streamer.
  • - Use weighted flies and sink tip fly lines to get your fly deeper.

Streamer fishing is an aggressive style of fly fishing. Due to the streamer being within the water column and retrieved energetically; fish will instinctually be attracted. 

Remember, big fish eat little fish.

Kreelex Minnow

Hook: 3X or 4X Streamer hook  Size 2 -10

Thread: White UTC 140

Eyes: Medium Hourglass eyes

Tail: Kreinik Flash Silver

Belly Wing: Kreinik Flash Silver 

Top Wing: Kreinik Flash Gold 

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