Monday, December 3, 2018

Creative Thinking in Fly Tying Construction with Ralf Kuntzman

Ralf Kuntzman is a very creative fly tyer. He thinks about fly tying construction almost as a craftsman. He likes simplicity, being frugal and often he uses unconventional material. Today we tied 5 flies. Most used a type of pipe cleaner for the main ingredient. There are so many types of pipe cleaners that have a very cool chenille like outer cover that can be used in fly tying. Tonight the 20 plus fly tyers used thicker chenille to make a mouse fly, thinner chenilles to make dragon fly nymphs, cased caddis, articulating leeches and ice minnows. You can tell that Ralf sets himself up to fly fish with a host of materials that includes markers to get the right colours in his flies. Most of Ralf's flies that we tied tonight take mere minutes to construct. I bet there is going to be a run on chenilles at Michaels in the next few days. Great workshop Ralf! I am glad that I was there!

Next week we are going to tie Humpies! Bring orange, yellow and chartreuse 8/0 thread (70 denier). It will be a fun evening!

Finally we will open up the sign up for Phil Rowley's All Day Tying Seminar that will occur February 2nd.

See you next week! 

Ralf's Mouse

Hook: Streamer 4 XL Hook size 2-6
Bead: Gold
Thread: 6/0 colour to match body!
Body: Plush chenille (pipe cleaner style)

Ralf's Articulating Leech

Tail: Rabbit
Body: White chenille(Pipe cleaner style)
Hook: stinger hook
Note: body attached with monofilament 

Ralf's Case Caddis

Body: chenille (pipe cleaner style)

Ralf's Dragon Fly Nymph

Body: Chenille (pipe cleaner style)
Eyes: Bead chain
Legs: Pheasant

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