Monday, December 10, 2018

The Challenge of Tying Humpies

Humpies are way harder to tie than one might think! Randall Kaufman once said that the humpy maybe the most popular dry fly in existence. I always thought that a stimulator would have that distinction but a humpy would be one of the top two. Now tying one can be a real challenge. You would think that a fly pattern with two or three materials would be easy to tie. Think again. Getting the proportions and sizing correct is a real challenge. As AK Best said in one of his books about tying flies in mass production, you have to tie a couple of dozen of the same fly before you get good at that particular pattern. 

Well a humpy is tough to tie proportionally properly. The fish love it and it floats like a cork! The twenty two fly tyers who came out tonight had a great time challenging their tying skills.

Next week Dr. Bill Young is our guest fly tyer. It will be our last session before we take a break for Christmas!

Remember to get signed up for the All Day Phil Rowley Seminar on February 2nd. Several club members have already signed up! Just drop me a note to sign up. (


Hook: Standard dry fly sizes 10-16
Thread: 6/0 colour to match body
Tail: Moose body hair or deer hair or elk hair
Body: Thread or Uni-stretch
Shellback: Deer hair, elk hair, foam or polypropylene 
Hackle: Brown

Deer Hair Humpy

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