Monday, December 17, 2018

Tom Thumbs and Mikulak Sedges with Dr. Bill Young

Dr. Bill Young was our guest tyer tonight. Bill taught us how to tie both a Tom Thumb and a Mikulak Sedge. Both excellent patterns. The 15 tyers tonight got another chance to improve their tying skills using mainly deer hair and elk hair! Again getting the correct proportions is the biggest challenge along with managing the deer or elk hair! Controlled wraps are critical to getting the deer or elk hair to sit on the top of the shank of the hook and not twist. This was an excellent evening and a great follow up to last weeks session on Humpies. Thanks again Dr. Bill! I had a flashback tonight. The Tom Thumb was the very first fly I learned to tie thanks to Dr. Bill. Fly tying has become a great past time in the following years.

We do not have a tying session until Monday January 7th when my wife, Karen, and I do a presentation about the Colorado Cutthroat Slam.

Remember to get a hold of me to sign up for the Phil Rowley Fly Tying Session on Saturday February 2nd. This is going to be a great learning day. You do not want to miss it! (

Merry Christmas everybody. Karen and I hope you have a relaxing Christmas break. We hope you have family and great food all around you!

Tom Thumb

Hook: Size 8-16 3 xl dry fly hook
Thread: 6/0 or 3/0 thread olive, brown or black
Tail: Deer Hair
Shellback and Wing: Deer Hair

Mikulak Sedge (Art Mikulak)

Thread: Olive 3/0 or 6/0
Hook: Size 8 to 12 3xl dry fly hook
Tail: Elk hair
Body: Olive Antron
Wings: Elk Hair
Thorax: Brown antron 
Legs: Brown Hackle