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Thursday, July 16, 2020

Spectacular National Park Backcountry Fly Fishing Day 1

We had been planning this backcountry trip for almost a year. We finally were able to load up the canoe, pram and drift boat and be on our way. Roy Saunders,  Taryn Bowman, Steve Luethi, Karen and I were more than excited. The weather was not perfect but we really did not care! We were well prepared and had all of our bases covered. 

We paddled and motored (electric motors) our way down the lake to our camping spot. It was a perfect place to quickly set up and then we were on our way to fly fish! We had some information to help us get started. Fly fishing a new lake, especially this one, can be a challenge. Lots of people were out on the water too.

Once we set up to fly fish, we realized that we were on the right track. The lake is close to 300 feet deep. Where do you start? We found a drop off and set up in 21-25 feet of water and used full sink lines to fly fish straight down with chironomids. We hooked up often once we found fish The brook trout and rainbows were quite scrappy and colourful. 

As you can see from the pictures, we were bundled up. Having good rain gear and warm clothes was a must.

The big distraction is the stunning views everywhere. Glaciers, hanging valleys and snow covered peaks were everywhere. The day moved along way too fast for our liking.

When supper time came, we rowed, paddled and motored back to our tent site. Chili and potatoes filled the gap in our stomachs. After supper, we got back to it.

As the day wound down, it was drinks and enjoying the evening fire. We were all like sponges taking in the great view, laughing and peering at the evening fire as sunset declared an end to the daylight.

We were all pumped about spending the next day exploring and fly fishing.

Steve Luethi photo

Steve Luethi photo

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