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Friday, July 24, 2020

Stoneflies on the Bow River

It is the time of the year when stoneflies crawl to the edge of the Bow River. The browns and rainbows on the Bow River love to dine on them. It seemed to me that the stones were crawling out onto the river's rocky shoreline everywhere. 

Steve, his buddy Pat and I floated the Bow River today. We decided to just dry fly fish with big foam stonefly imitations. We did have an obstacle today. The river volume was increased by over 50 cm3/sec over night. That is quite signifigant. The water was also off colour. The change in water volume cause fish to resettle/reposition. Often that can take a few days.

Well we had a fine day floating the "City Section!" Steve did the rowing with his drift boat. Pat and I worked the banks and riffle-drops all day. We were on the water by 6 am. The stonefly hatch is usually a late day/ early morning event.

Well we hooked several fish but over the course of the day, we landed just 5 although we did catch several nicer fish. The trout in the Bow look to be in excellent condition.

On the drive back to Red Deer we dodged several nasty thunderstorms. Luckily we did not get a direct hit.

The stonefly hatch should last at least another week.  It is a great time to float the Bow River. 

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