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Thursday, July 16, 2020

Spectacular National Park Backcountry Fly Fishing Day 2

If the weather forecast was accurate, Day 2 was going to be a beauty. We got the day started with coffee and that million dollar view. We wanted to make the day go slow and just take it all in. Our goal was to take a long run to a new fishing spot! After breakfast, Karen and I paddled our canoe to a narrows to fly fish. Roy rowed the pram with the assistance of the electric motor and Steve did the same with his drift boat. We had to explore a bit but finally we found fish in a bay. They were not deep either. We hooked up often. As the fly fishing slowed, we worked our way back towards camp. We caught more along a very steep drop off. We decided to keep a few brookies for supper. That was an excellent decision. The wind came up a bit and it made anquoring with the canoe a bit tough. Often a pulse of showers came through but we were all ready for that reality. It is mountain weather after all.

We fried up the brookies as part of an outstanding dinner. After supper, I had a real treat; sight fishing! Steve and I found a shoal that had rainbows cruising up and down. Landing 6 of them was fantastic! You could watch them eat the fly about 4 feet down. That was cool!

The evening fire was an awesome way to wind down a picture perfect day. There were lots of people on the lake but the size of the lake made it seem like there were few people out there! The day ended with another weather change. Rain had moved in. As we crawled into our sleeping bags, the rain put us all to sleep.

The weather man was right, beauty of a day!

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