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Tuesday, June 8, 2021

Fish the Edges During High Water

You can imagine my big smile when I checked the flow rates on the Red Deer River this morning. Karen and I decided to brave the mud and root around the dam area to see if any fish were active.  The water was quite clear but humming along. We slogged our way through the muddy areas and got to one of our usual spots to fly fish. The water was fast flowing and we got a few strikes. It seemed that our nymphs were moving too fast. We added split shot but no real success. As we wandered back to the truck, we fished every eddy that was along our route. We finally approached a long riffle and ran our nymphs right along the bank. I saw a rise and ran my nymph over the rise area and bam, fish on! It was a brown trout. That made me smile. I was able to land the brown and quickly pop it off without it leaving the water. Karen and I decided to spend some time working the water right against the bank.  Our nymphs were just two feet out from the bank. We connected with several rocky mountain whitefish, a couple of which were quite sizeable. The funny part for me was we fished one of the areas that always has fly fisherman on a daily basis. The fish moved to the edges to avoid the high flow rates. We almost walked right by the best water to fly fish. Thankfully the brown trout reminded us to cover the edges.


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