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Thursday, June 3, 2021

Whitefish Under a Chinook Arch

I was drinking my morning coffee at 5:30 am. The weather looked excellent to head out to chase whitefish on the fly. Doug, Larry and I were planning to use chironomids and blood worms to tangle with the hard fighting lake whites. As I headed over to pick up Doug, I realized that there was a very distinct chinook arch in the western sky. That arch is a sure sign of warm air spilling over the rockies and a warm wind racing down the eastern slopes. I do not recall  seeing a chinook arch this time of the year. The arch did give us relief from the hot sun today. The lake whites were certainly interested in our blood worms (2xl-size 14) and black sally (sizes 12-14) chironomids. My buddy, Doug, had never fly fished for lake whitefish. Doug is an excellent rod and he tangled with lake whites for the 6 hours we were out on the lake. Larry enjoyed a lot of success too! 

The chinook arch slowly pulled off to the east of us in the early afternoon. Then the hot sun started to beat down on us as the wind stirred and created a lot of chop on the water! We also encountered a lot of pollen on the water surface. It is that time of the year. I hope your allergies are not causing too much discomfort.

We called it a day in the early afternoon so Doug could get his second Moderna shot to protect him from the COVID-19 virus.


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