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Wednesday, June 9, 2021

Caddis on our Local Lakes

Karen and I decided to try to get out for a few hours before the approaching cold front arrived. We did not get to our destination too early but when we were setting up our Spring Creek Pram, I could see fish sipping something on the surface. Caddis!

We did not have to fish deep today. We did not even use a caddis imitation although fishing shallow, in other words 3-5 feet down, in any depth of water was quite productive. If I took the time to set up a soft hackle Pheasant Tail nymph so I could cast and retrieve, I am sure I would have had a decent amount of success.

Karen and I kept moving to where the fish were sipping caddis and we had excellent success. The water temperature was anywhere from 61F to 63F. We decided to not lift any fish out of the water. We did take a few throat samples. We quickly unpinned the rainbows and sent them on their way!

The cold front arrived early in the afternoon. Just before the cold front pushed in, the fly fishing was outstanding. As the rain intensified, we decided to call it a day. It was only a quick 20 minute drive home to a late lunch and a cappuccino!

Soft hackle nymphs stripped just below the surface can lead to savage strikes!


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