Thursday, February 3, 2022

Chironomids on Zoom-Monday February 7th at 7 pm MST

Hi Everyone!

On Monday February 7th, we will take a look at chironomids. There are so many different subspecies of chironomids. We will tie 4 basic chironomids and take a look at several chironomids that I have had a great deal of success fly fishing here in Central Alberta

We will tie:

1. Black Sally
2. Oliver and Copper
3. Chromie
4. Black and Silver

What will you need?

Size 12/14 scud hook (C49s is fine)
Red wire, small or small holograhic tinsel
White Unistretch
UTC Black, red and olive 70 denier thread
Silver flashabou or gunmetal flashabou (6901 and 6916)
Copper wire, small
Silver Wire, small
white, copper, silver and black beads (can be black nickel) 3/32nd bead-tungsten or brass

Black Sally

Copper and Olive


Black and Silver

Arctic terns chowing down on chironomid adults!

Swallows swooping in to gorge on chironomid adults!

Chironomid Adults

Chironomid shucks!

Glo Boy Chironomid

Guns 'n Roses (John Kent originator)

Rusty Nail (John Kent originator)

Hog Magnet (John Kent originator)

Up in Smoke (Fly Guys)

Chironomid adults fly over head!


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