Thursday, February 10, 2022

Tying With Pine Squirrel on Zoom-Valentines Day Monday February 14th at 7 pm MST

Dig out the pine squirrel in black, brown and olive for Valentines Day! We are going to tie some pine squirrel patterns that are definitely fish catchers. We will tie John Barr's Slumpbuster, John Kent's Brown/Black/Wine Killer Leech, Glenn's Leech, and a mini sculpin imitation. We will also look at how to add a pine squirrel collar on a nymph pattern (e.g. Frenchie, etc).

This is what you need:

-thread that matches the pine squirrel (I am using 8/0)

-a size 8 streamer hook e.g. 9672 Mustad

-a size 12 curved nymph hook

-5/32nd conehead (a 1/8 gold bead will do in place of a cone head)

-pine squirrel (black, brown or olive); you can certainly get by with one colour of pine squirrel

-red 3/32nd bead or mini cone head

-gold 7/64ths beads

-black marabou or brown to match your pine squirrel

-red wire, small

-pheasant tail

-copper wire, small

-some flashabou (optional)

-stretch tubing (optional)

-glass red bead (optional)

-chip bag clip 

The Zoom Link for the evening starting at 7 pm is RIGHT HERE!

Brown Killer Leech (John Kent design)

Mini Sculpin

Natural Pine Squirrel on a Frenchie Nymph

Glenn's Leech


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