Friday, September 9, 2022

Blue Winged Olives (BWOs)

Blue Winged Olives seem to make an appearance early in the spring, in the fall and during lousy weather days. Trout definitely will key in on them. I keep my BWOs simple, super simple. I usually tie them size 20-16. I mostly like size 18 BWOs. I use micro fibbets for the tail (look in the paint brush section of a hardware store if you cannot find them or use grey hackle fibres. I like using olive thread or olive superfine antron dubbing for the body and grey hackle for the wing. I do not add a separate wing on tiny flies. If you tie them parachute style, some grey para post material or macrame yarn will be needed. BWOs are the smallest mayflies we have in Alberta. I like fishing them with a long 5x leader. I am always amazed that larger trout will slurp these little morsels up all afternoon! 


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