Wednesday, September 14, 2022

Throat Samples Over the Course of 6 hours on the Water

It is quite interesting to see what trout dine on over the course of a day. It is early fall and trout will be starting to put the feedbag on as the water temperatures start to drop. Today was very telling. We were on the water at 10 am and got off of the water about 4 pm. The day started off slow.  I was casting and retrieving flashbacks and Karen was using a shrimp imitation under an indicator. I was hooking up regularly and Karen's indicator was just bobbing on the surface. Throat samples suggested that the rainbows were eating daphnia and shrimp. One trout was dining on immature damsels, that was interesting. Karen switched to fishing blobs and I started to use a Tokaryk Special. We both caught fish about evenly. About 2 pm, the rainbows were chasing boatmen (smaller) and backswimmers (larger). Karen put on flashbacks below her indicator and I continued to cast and retrieve with flashbacks, size 12.  By far, casting and retrieving got the most attention of the trout! I tie my flashbacks with rainbow and red beads. Thanks Larry for that idea. They certainly get the attention of the trout! It was a beautiful day on the water. Do continue to take throat samples during the day and do not assume what they are eating, you might just be surprised.

Shrimp and damsels!

This trout switched from Daphnia to Boatmen and Backswimmers


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